Fax Archive

Keep track of every fax you’ve sent and received with MyFax® Fax Archive. Never worry about misfiling, misplacing or losing paper copies of your important faxes again. MyFax® stores all of your faxes online for the life of your account.


Never lose a fax with MyFax® Fax Archive


Archive faxes online

MyFax® automatically archives all of your inbound and outbound faxes online so you can access them anytime from your user-friendly MyFax® portal. There are no limits to the number of faxes you can store.


Tag faxes for easier retrieval

You can search in your MyFax® Central portal for an archived fax by name, date, fax number and more. Make retrieving a fax easier by “tagging” your faxes with keywords or categories – agreement or invoice for example – to help narrow your search.


Set your storage period based on your needs

You can also decide how long you want MyFax® to keep your faxes in online storage. Set custom storage periods for your outbound and inbound faxes.


Retrieve archived faxes anytime

To find an archived fax, just log in to your MyFax® Central portal online and begin your search. When you locate the fax you need, you can download, forward or print it directly from your MyFax® Central portal.

MyFax® Fax Archive helps Carolyn
streamline her work

Running her paperwork-intensive financial business, Carolyn was constantly sending and receiving hardcopy faxes from her office fax machine. Carolyn’s team was overwhelmed with filing copies of each document her firm sent or received.

Thanks to MyFax® Fax Archive, Carolyn can perform the once-tedious tasks from her desk in just a few clicks. All she has to do is log in to her Central Portal, enter a few keywords and access a digital copy of the fax. In fact, Carolyn uses this newfound time to speak with clients and focus on finding new business.

The benefits of the MyFax® Fax Archive feature


Stay organised

The Fax Archive feature lets you stay organised by allowing convenient access to any of your faxes, all in one place.


Go paperless

Maintaining all of your business faxes online means you save space in your office and take a big step towards going paperless.


Never lose a fax

MyFax® saves and stores a copy of every fax you receive. You don’t need to worry about a colleague accidentally grabbing your document from the fax machine or misplacing it before you get a chance to review it.


No hardware or software setup required

You don’t need a fax machine or any fax software. MyFax® handles it all and turns your email program into a full-service business fax solution.

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