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MyFax® is a full-featured online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes without a fax machine or a phone line.

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You’ll receive the full product for 1 month, free with the purchase of any annual plan, with features including:

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  • Share with up to 5 email addresses

How do I send a free fax?

You can send a fax online for free with MyFax® during the Free Trial period.

Step 1: Choose a number and sign up for a Free Trial of MyFax®.

Step 2: Open a new email message and type your recipients fax number in the “To: field” followed by @myfax.com.

Step 3: Attach any documents you wish to include in your fax then hit send.

Pro tip: you can also send a fax from up to 5 different email addresses, and to as many as 50 recipients at once, when you fax online via your account.

You can send a fax online for free with MyFax® during the trial period.

Enjoy these features for free during your trial


MyFax® 5

Share your account with 5 other people via email using MyFax® 5. Start sending and receiving faxes immediately.


Enjoy the money-saving convenience of free Fax by Email

MyFax® lets you easily attach up to 10MB of files to your email and send via fax. We also offer up to 100 free Cover Sheets to help you customise your free fax.


Go paperless with the Fax Archive

We store digital copies of the online faxes you send and receive for free during the lifetime of your account. You can search for faxes by name, date or fax number. You can also tag faxes by keywords to find later.

Frequently asked questions

Sign up for MyFax® today and you’ll be able to send a fax online from your computer. You can send a fax for free during your Free Trial period, which lets you enjoy all the benefits of using an online free fax service.

  • Sign up for the MyFax® Free Trial.
  • Compose an email message, and type your recipients fax number in the “To: field” followed by @myfax.com.
  • Attach your fax to your email and then hit send.

You can fax a PDF by simply attaching it to your fax message using MyFax®. The Free Trial lets you fax PDFs for free.

Yes, you can send a fax with up to 8 documents – PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and more. Most file types are supported.

MyFax® makes it easy for you to port an existing fax number – just contact customer support and we’ll help you make a seamless transition to use our online fax service.

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