How to receive faxes with MyFax®

Katie, a busy consultant, uses MyFax® to view important inbound business faxes while she’s on the go. She can access all of her faxes in the user-friendly web portal, in her email inbox.

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Send faxes by email

You can also send faxes by email. Choose up to 5 email addresses to have send capability on your MyFax® account. Kevin set up his account so that he can fax from both his work email and his personal one. No matter which email he sends from, his business fax number is displayed on the receiving end.

MyFax® Online

When you log into your MyFax® Central web portal, you can compose faxes, attach documents and add custom cover letters. Kevin loves the simple interface of the online send form and uses this option whenever he is faxing from the office.

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