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Power User


$40 /month
$33 .33/month
$400/year Save $80/year
  • Send 400 pages
  • Receive 600 pages

*Excess pages are charged at $0.15*/page

$0 Activation Fee
Start 30 Day Free Trial
Billed annually after trial period
Small Business User


$20 /month
$16 .16/month
$200/year Save $40/year
  • Send 150 pages
  • Receive 300 pages

*Excess pages are charged at $0.15*/page

$0 Activation Fee
Start 30 Day Free Trial
Billed annually after trial period
Home Office User


$10 /month
$8 .33/month
$100/year Save $20/year
  • Send 50 pages
  • Receive 150 pages

*Excess pages are charged at $0.15*/page

$0 Activation Fee
Start 30 Day Free Trial
Billed annually after trial period

*All prices are exclusive of GST

* These rates apply to fax pages that take less than 60 seconds to transmit, which covers approximately 90% of all fax pages. Faxes, regardless of size, that take longer than 60 seconds to transmit will be billed on a per-minute basis instead of per page. No special offers apply. GST may apply to all charges depending on your country of residence.
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“Simple is best for me. What I love about MyFax® is that it’s as easy to use as email. “

Alex A, Real Estate Agent

All plans include these features


Fax by Email

MyFax® lets you easily send faxes by email. Simply open a new message and attach up to 10MB of files you want to fax. If you need a cover page, MyFax® offers a selection of over 100 free cover template options to choose from.


Share with 5

Send faxes from up to 5 email addresses of your choice. Your colleagues can fax from the same business number using their own email addresses to keep your costs low and still maintain a consistent professional image. You can also use the Share with 5 capability to fax easily from web-based email services like Gmail when you’re on the road and can’t access your business email.


Fax Archive

As a MyFax® subscriber, digital copies of all your sent and received faxes are stored online for the life of your MyFax® account. You can quickly search for your archived faxes by name, date or fax number.


MyFax® Central

MyFax® Central is a simple way to manage all of your faxing needs on a centralised, user-friendly web interface. Your portal gives you convenient online access to all of your MyFax® account details including fax activity reports and account statements


Fax to 50

Fax to 50 is MyFax®’s convenient multiple-send feature that saves you and your team time. If you need to send the same fax to several recipients, you no longer need to send it more than once. MyFax® lets you send a fax to 50 different fax numbers simultaneously.

Frequently asked questions

All MyFax® plans include all of MyFax®’s powerful features, so the key difference among these three plans is the number of inbound and outbound fax pages included per month. The Small Business User plan, for example, allows you to send up to 150 pages per month for free, whereas the Power User plan allows for 400. Each additional page will cost $0.15 for faxing within the Australia.

With MyFax®, there are no long-term contracts are required to sign and no minimum sign-up period. Choose the convenient pay-as-you-go, monthly plan or take advantage of our discounted annual plan.

As an online faxing solution, MyFax® offers more privacy and security than traditional fax machines. MyFax® delivers faxes directly to the email inbox of your designated recipient and limits unintended access to faxes.

You can cancel your account at any time by visiting our Cancel Page