How to send a Fax Online

Sending a fax online with MyFax® takes only seconds. This short video will show you how simple it is to log into your handy MyFax® Central online portal, compose a new fax, include your recipients, attach your files and hit send.

Video Transcript

Sending a fax with MyFax® is as easy as filling out a form online. Just log into MyFax® Central and click Send Faxes to access the Send a Fax form.

On the Send a Fax form, enter the recipient’s Name and Company Name in the appropriate fields. Select the Country where their fax number is located from the drop-down menu. This will pre-populate the Fax Number field with the correct country code. Complete the entry by entering the area code and fax number and then click Add. You can also click Choose From Contacts to select a recipient from the MyFax® Address Book.

Check ‘Include Cover Page’ if you would like to add a brief introductory message at the beginning of the fax. If checked, fill in the Subject and Message fields.

To add documents to the fax, click the Browse button. In the File Upload window, locate the document and click Open.

At the bottom of the Send a Fax form are additional options. A Reference ID may be set to identify the fax as belonging to a particular issue, case, or campaign. You can change the email address at which a confirmation receipt will be delivered. Additionally, the quality of the fax itself may be adjusted for better or faster transmission.

Once all files have been attached and all options determined, click Send.

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