General questions

Yes; in certain circumstances, you can have your existing fax number ported to MyFax®.

Please contact Sales for more information:
Toll Free: 1800 469 329

Not at all. With MyFax®, there are no long-term contracts required to sign and no minimum sign-up period. Choose the convenient pay-as-you-go, monthly plan or take advantage of our discounted annual plan.

Get started today.

Service questions

To send a fax via email, just open a new email message and type your recipient’s fax number (including country code) in the “To:” field followed by Attach any documents you wish to include in your fax. MyFax® supports nearly 200 file formats. You can include a fax cover page as an attachment or by simply typing a message into the email body.

You can also send a fax directly from the MyFax® Central secure online portal.

Please see the User Guide for more detailed instructions.

You will receive faxes as emails, with the fax attached as a PDF or TIFF, if you prefer.

You can also download your received faxes by logging in to the MyFax® Central secure online portal.

Yes, you can attach up to eight documents in one fax. MyFax® supports 178 different file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, and Excel.

Yes! One of the great advantages of MyFax® is that you can send and receive faxes from up to 5 email addresses using the MyFax® 5 feature.

Yes, you can send your faxes to a maximum of 9 fax numbers by email or a maximum of 50 fax numbers when you log into the MyFax® Central online portal.

Yes. There is a Login button in the top right corner of the MyFax® site that links to the MyFax® Central online portal.

You can use the MyFax® Central online portal to send, receive, view and retrieve your faxes online; to update your account information such as billing details or the (up to 5) email addresses you want to use for faxing with MyFax®; and to view your up-to-the-minute usage details.

As an online faxing solution, MyFax®® offers more privacy and security than traditional fax machines. MyFax® delivers faxes directly to the email inbox of your designated recipient and limits unintended access to faxes.

Support questions

There are a number of reasons why your fax may not be sending. Please click here to troubleshoot.

For a complete list of country codes, click here.

Please contact MyFax® Customer Support and we will be happy to help you get started with your new MyFax® account.

 (613) 260-6325
Toll Free:1800 469 329

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and keeping fax spam out of everyone’s email inbox. Please follow these steps if you receive an unsolicited fax.

Billing questions

Just log into the MyFax® Central online portal and the site will guide you through updating your billing information, such as changing your credit card number or billing address.

For any questions relating to credit cards and payment, please contact MyFax® Billing:

Toll Free:
1800 469 329

MyFax® is a prepaid service. Your invoice will be generated at the end of your first billing cycle, one month from the day you started your service. This invoice will list the charges at the end of the month against your prepaid charges.

To review your invoice online, log into the MyFax® Central online portal and select My Account from the left-hand menu and then choose Account Invoice from the options listed.

Click here to cancel your account.

If you have checked and are sure you have not used all of your free pages for the month, make sure you are dialling a +61 before the fax number (for Australian fax numbers). If you are not including a +61 it’s possible you are being charged for sending an International fax.

If you believe you have been charged in error for an international fax, please contact our billing reps, who will help you resolve the issue:

Toll Free:
1800 469 329

Sending a fax costs $0.15 (AUD) per page* to Australian fax numbers. For international faxing, you can check out our low send rates to other countries here.

You can buy more fax numbers by following these four simple steps to add users:

  1. Login to the MyFax® Central online portal.
  2. Select User Administration from the My Account menu on the left hand side of the screen. (The last option in the list).
  3. Click the Add User button to manually add a user or the Import Users to upload a file.
  4. Follow the prompts.

Please note: Adding another user to your plan generates a new fax number and is the same price as your initial MyFax® account. The credit card associated with your account will be charged.