We value Your Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and keeping fax spam out of everyone’s email inbox.

  • We don’t disclose your fax number to advertisers
  • We don’t disclose your email address to advertisers
  • We don’t allow advertisers to email you
  • We don’t send you unsolicited faxes

Our business relies on happy customers, and so we adhere to practices in our privacy policy

Help Us Block Fax Spam

Our services comply with the regulations and guidelines for security and privacy across various industries, and we are committed to fighting spam faxes.

Despite our best efforts, you may receive unsolicited advertising faxes on occasion from third parties. In order to assist us in our effort to fight against them, please take the following steps if you are in receipt of one:

  1. If the unsolicited advertising fax contains a telephone number or other contact details, please contact the sender at once and request to have your fax number removed from their list.

  2. If the sender persists, MyFax subscribers may contact MyFax Customer Support and request another fax number.

Thank you for helping us stop unsolicited fax advertising.