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MyFax® – The easiest way to fax

MyFax® lets you send and receive faxes digitally – without printing, scanning, or the hassle of a fax machine. You can send faxes via email or our website.

Whether you run a small business, travel for work and need to fax on the road, or just want an easy solution for occasional faxing, MyFax® has you covered.

How MyFax® can benefit your business

Never miss a fax

Here are some of the MyFax® features that help ensure you’ll never miss a fax:

  • Fax by Email
  • MyFax® 5

MyFax® forwards your inbound faxes directly to the email addresses you set up for your account.

Stay organised

MyFax® features make it easy for your business to stay organised:

  • Fax Archive
  • MyFax® Central Web Portal
  • Contact Books

MyFax® stores a detailed record of every fax you send or receive, archiving them online for you to easily retrieve anytime. With MyFax®, your communications are more organised than if you had to file paper copies.

Go paperless

Here are some of the MyFax® features that help you go paperless:

  • Fax by Email
  • MyFax® Central Web Portal
  • Fax Archive

If you want to cut down on the paper clutter in your office or if you just want to be environmentally responsible, getting the MyFax® online service is a great place to start.

Which MyFax® plan is right for you?


MyFax® Personal User

I am tech savvy, never in my office and need to fax in the field a few times a month.

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MyFax® Small Business User

I live on the road, often need to fax long docs, and want to able to return every client fax fast.

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MyFax® Power User

My small team is always on the run, and I want them all to have the ability to fax from anywhere.

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MyFax® features


Fax by Email

Send faxes by email, simply open a new message and attach up to 10MB of files. Optionally select one of 100+ Cover Pages.


MyFax® 5

You and your colleagues can fax from up to 5 email addresses, including GMail accounts. Control costs and maintain a consistent professional image.


Fax Archive

Your MyFax® account retains online digital copies of all your sent and received faxes. Search archives by name, date, or fax number.


MyFax® Central

Use the MyFax® Central web portal to access all of your MyFax® account details including fax activity reports and account statements.


Fax to 50 people

Our convenient multiple-send feature allows fax transmission to up to 50 numbers simultaneously.

Serving thousands of happy customers


Frequently asked questions

All MyFax® plans include all of MyFax®’s powerful features, so the key difference among these three plans is the number of inbound and outbound fax pages included per month. The Small Business User plan, for example, allows you to send up to 150 pages per month for free, whereas the Power User plan allows for 400. Each additional page will cost $0.15 for faxing within the Australia.

With MyFax®, there are no long-term contracts required to sign up and no minimum sign-up period. Choose from the convenient pay-as-you-go, monthly plan or take advantage of our discounted annual plan.

As an online faxing solution, MyFax® offers more privacy and security than traditional fax machines. MyFax® delivers faxes directly to the email inbox of your designated recipient and limits unintended access to faxes.

You can cancel your account at any time by visiting our Cancel Page.

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